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pure history o level notes

Democracy And Human Rights. Socialism in China 1. Formative years — China under the Communists — International Co-operation: 1. History O Level Notes. Paper 1: Southern Africa African History. Development of Zimbabwean Societies. The Nguni Incursions. Early European Colonial Activities. The Scramble and Partition of Southern Africa. Colonisation and Early Resistance in Colonial Zimbabwe up to Economic Development in:. The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland:.

The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Zimbabwe:. The Constitution of Zimbabwe. Post-Independence Zimbabwe — present. Social and economic developments 2.

pure history o level notes

Political and judicial developments 3. Foreign policy. Mozambique 2. South Africa. Paper 2: International Affairs European History.

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The World In Crisis: — Socialism in China. Formative years — 2. Nationalists vs. Communists — 3.Let us now look at how we can apply some of the skills learnt during tuition class to answer a couple of questions in the recently concluded O-Level examinations. Question 3a. Explain why the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact in For the first paragraph, candidates should focus on the purpose of the Warsaw Pact.

Explanation must relate to how Cold War developed to the stage whereby it made a military alliance between the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe necessary. For the second paragraph, candidates need to address why the formation only happened in This is where candidates must bring in the significance of Germany in the Cold War tensions.

Question 3b. Explain your answer. Candidates would need to be clear at which point would they consider the Cold War having ended.

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The Revolutions of would be the most convenient point. Since the given factor in the statement focuses on Gorbachev, the other factor should be on the role played by its Cold War rival: the US. Our History department is helmed by extremely experienced and dedicated tutors who will help even the weakest of students perform to the best of their abilities.

If you wish to learn more, do call us up at or to join our history classes, be it at O-Level or A-Level, immediately! Contact Us. Featured Posts. Recent Posts. Hint: You May. All About JC Economics. Consistency Breeds Excellence. Search By Tags. Follow Us. About Us.Read More Physical quantities are the length of a rod or the mass of a body. Measurement is the act Force of attraction, which holds positively charged metal ions surrounded by a sea of free When nonmetals react with each other, they attain noble gas configuration by sharing their Force of attraction, which holds two or more atoms, ions, or molecules, is called a chemic Atom is the smallest particle of an element.

It consists of protons, neutrons, and electro The matter is a substance that has mass and fills in space. Matter can be present as soli Ions are atoms that are charged due to loss or gain of ions.

Cations lose electron and ha A pure substance has specific melting and boiling points. Ethanol When we extract pro Apparatus are the various instruments and the containers that are used to perform differen A great idea to have all learning resources in one place and that even free of cost.

I have always despised the increasing trend of coaching centers and expensive tuitions and I am proud that we finally have a platform with an initiative to promote the self-study culture. Faraz is all willing to put his expertise in play while using resources from O Level Academy to teach students Physics.

She loves to help and counsel students to acquire good grades by self-studying and fulfill their dreams.

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Muhammad Saad is the first one to collaborate with us to help us in promoting the self-study culture as he shares our vision. She is also recognized by the Commonwealth due to her writing. Pakistan Studies Computer Science Accounting Biology Business Studies Law Our Latest Notes.

Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement Physics October 05, Physical quantities are the length of a rod or the mass of a body. Read More. Metallic Bonding Chemistry October 05, Force of attraction, which holds positively charged metal ions surrounded by a sea of free Covalent Bonding Chemistry October 05, When nonmetals react with each other, they attain noble gas configuration by sharing their Ionic Bonding Chemistry October 05, Force of attraction, which holds two or more atoms, ions, or molecules, is called a chemicClick on the subject you want to study from the list below.

English Language O levels notes including summary writing guides,register notes,comprehension tips, free style and guided compositions. Manotsi eOlevel Shona pane manotsi ezvekuumbwa kemutauro weChishona, zvirungamutauro,pfupiso nhetembo, nenzwisiso.

O Level Combined Science Notes for the current syllabus. These notes will keep being updated in step with any syllabus changes. For the O level syllabus.

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O Level Accounts notes for both the new and outgoing curriculum. With worked examples as well as questions and answers.

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O level Commerce Notes for the new and outgoing curriculum. Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of all the prescribed topics. O Level notes for the current Business Studies syllabus.

These notes are also useful if you are an A level student and want an introduction to the subject. Comprehensive in-depth notes for both African Affairs and World Affairs topics for both the incoming and outgoing History syllabus. O Level notes for the incoming Biology Syllabus in clear and easy to understand concise language to ease and aid your studying. O Level notes for both the new Business Enterprises and Skills syllabus where there is overlap we include notes for Business Studies.

Comprehensive, easy to understand and in-depth notes covering Heritage Studies a relatively new subject brought in by the new syllabus. O Level notes for Computer Science including practical examples. Notes are in a clear,approachable and easy to understand language. Ordinary Level Notes. Complete topics are clickable. We are constantly working to complete the notes for each subject. Your Choice. English Language.

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Shona Language. Combined Science. Business Studies. Entreprise Skills.

pure history o level notes

Heritage Studies.We provide you with free online notes,past exam papers and guidance so you can be who you want to be. Carefully crafted free O and A Level Notes to help you excel in your studies and quest for knowledge.

At Revision Online we know that everyone has their own different dream,we will help you get there. This site also contains a selection of ZIMSEC past examinations and their answers as well as links to relevant topics in notes.

These are meant to help your prepare for both continuous assessment examinations under the new curriculum as well as the final public examinations. We constantly update the questions and adding new content to make sure it stays up to date and relevant. So you want to be a Doctor, a nurse,a pilot, an engineer or a dancer and you are not sure what path you need to get there? We will tell you how to get there, which subjects you need to be doing, what grades you should be getting, which University you should get into.

We will also tell you about the best colleges,scholarship offers, best courses. We equip you and hold your hand until you get there. More Info. Education For Life We provide you with free online notes,past exam papers and guidance so you can be who you want to be.

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Allowing you to study for free. We have already helped hundreds of thousands of students and teachers achieve their dreams. Study using our exam papers for free and prepare yourself for exams. Past Exams.

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Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Schools will reopen for everyone in phases. Here is how it will work. Powered by Convert Plus. June Results. All you need to know about the June results. Go to Top. Free Past Exam Papers. Career Guidance. Tertiary Resources.Search this site. Contact Form. Subject Pages Home. About O levels. About the Site. O Level Chemistry: Acids and Bases.

O Level Chemistry: Chemical calculations. O Level Chemistry: Exothermic and endothermic reactions. O Level Chemistry: Metals.

pure history o level notes

O Level Chemistry: Periodic Table. O Level Chemistry: The Mole. Home economics. Human Geography: Reasons for Variations in Development. Human Geography: Variations in Development in the World. Geography: O Level Exam Materials. Case Study of Deforestation in Kalimantan. Forests as a resource. Types of Natural Vegetation.

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O Level Physics: Kinematics. O Level Physics: Sound. O Level Physics: Temperature. Chemistry related - A contemporary definition of the mole. More materials added. Site is up and running.Cant view pictures too : can you email to me? What about variation??

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